What is a tropicalised vehicle?

Tropicalised vehicles are intended mainly for use in Africa, the Middle East, Far East and all countries outside Europe (EU) or the USA.

What is a tropicalised vehicle? - Import / export
In these countries :
  • The temperature is usually high
  • Fuel quality is not the best or is not very good
  • There is a lot of dust
  • There is high humidity
  • The roads are of poor quality
Therefore, vehicles have :
  • A heavy duty cooling system (Radiator, fan, etc.)
  • An engine and fuel system suited to using fuel of a lesser quality
  • Heavier filters (Air, Oil, Fuel)
  • Far fewer electronics than European or US vehicles
  • No catalytic converter
  • Reinforced suspension
We also draw your attention to the fact that :
  • Only "tropicalised" vehicles carry a manufacturer's guarantee for use outside Europe and the USA.
  • Spare parts and servicing are available from the make's local representative (which is not the case for EU and US models)
  • You would be leaving yourself open to mechanical problems, if you were to use EU or US standard vehicles in tropical countries. (Dirt in the injectors, in the exhaust)
  • "Tropicalised" vehicles cannot be registered in Europe (EU), since they do not conform to pollution prevention standards and do not have a certificate of conformity

Standards (tropical, EU, USA)Standards (tropisch, USA, EU)

With respect to the emission standards of vehicles called "tropical", no restriction is applied to those vehicles that are specially designed to withstand extreme weather conditions that test mechanics. In addition, these vehicles must withstand a poor quality fuel, which does not permit European or American standards.

American CO2 emission standards

European CO2 emission standards

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